2019 Jun: 劉卓昕、蕭凱恩 馬勒 第四交響曲

馬勒樂團五週年音樂會 —— 音樂中對話

2019 Jun: 藝術總監兼首席指揮吳懷世推介馬勒樂團五週年音樂會 —— 音樂中對話

2019 Jun: 陳嶺暉 羅德利果 長笛協奏曲

馬勒樂團五週年音樂會 —— 音樂中對話

2019 May: 馬勒樂團「唔使指揮」音樂會

2019 May: 胡乃元 x 馬勒樂團「唔使指揮」音樂會 Hu Nai-Yuan x GMO “A Conductor-less Concert”

2019 Mar: Musicians Without Borders

Salute to Senior Citizens @ Lippo Centre - Highlight

2018 Nov: Musicians Without Borders

Travel With Waves @ K11 Atelier - Highlight

The New York Times International Luxury Conference

Travel with Waves @ K11 Atelier - Highlight

2018 Oct: Musicians Without Borders

2018 Sep: Musicians Without Borders

Travel with Waves @ K11 Atelier - Highlight

Mahler, Symphony No. 1 "Titan"

War and Peace

1st Rehearsal: War and Peace – the musicians without borders

Rite of Stars

Darth Vader conducts the Imperial March

Musicians Without Borders - Tribute to Carlos Kleiber

@ Lanson Place Hotel

War and Peace

Promotional Video for War and Peace – the Musicians without Borders

What our orchestra can do without a conductor?

Musicians without Borders

Into the Nature

Promotion video for "Into the Nature"

Interview of the Soloist Chan Ding Yuen